Prom Portrait Photography

It’s your Prom… the most important night of your life so far


Your school Prom is the event of the year. It’s also the biggest night of your life so far. Without a doubt.

Everything you’ve done this year at school has lead up to this point… Your Prom party.


Why is your Prom so special?

It’s the highlight of your school’s social calendar. Everybody gets dressed up. For one night only the boys who normally wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than their jeans and t-shirt cast them aside in favour of a suit or maybe even a dinner jacket and bow tie. In some cases, they’ve even been known to shower too.

As for the girls — it’s all about the dress! (and the shoes… and the hair… and the make-up…) In fact, she’ll spend literally hours doing her hair and make-up and choosing the perfect accessories. But mostly it’s about the dress. That one, breathtaking dress for her special evening… marking the start of the transition into adulthood.


That’s what your School Prom is all about — it’s your last real chance to enjoy a party with your school friends before facing up to the reality of leaving school and leaving home for college, Uni or to get a job. After your Prom your life as you know it will start to change forever.

That’s why the School Prom is so very, very special.

That’s why we’ve introduced our School Prom service.
Do you remember what it’s like having your school photos done? The teacher ushering groups of children into the hall? You take it in turns to sit on a stool for 90s whilst the photographer takes three pictures?

school-prom-photos-0260That will happen on the night of your Prom too. Trouble is you won’t be warmed up. You won’t be ready for the camera. There are too many distractions. You’ll be self conscious of posing in front of everybody. In short you won’t make that beautiful portrait your mum will cry for, you’ll get a snapshot.

But there is an alternative…

Come into the studio for your Prom Portrait session. We’ll take the time to put you at ease. We’ll take the time to make you be the very best that you can be. We can even do your hair and make-up for you if you choose.


Your session starts with a quick warm-up shoot (everybody gets nervous in front of the camera — even professional models). You’ll start with outfits you’re comfortable with and simple poses so we can learn your best angles (because everybody is different) and try a couple of different outfits too (as some will work better than others). Our goal at this point is to make you feel part of the team, to get you warmed up and delivering your best images. That takes time and it’s completely impossible to do in the 90 seconds you’ll have with the photographer at your School Prom.

Now it’s time for a quick reset of hair and make-up and change into your Prom dress for your Prom Photo-shoot. Then and only then will you be ready to make that one special portrait that’ll make your mother cry.


Gavin has worked with a lot of new faces in the fashion industry — most of whom are between 16 and 18 years old. “There is a world of difference between photographing someone ‘cold’ and someone who’s warmed up for the camera” he says. “It’s a transition, a journey. In many ways it’s like watching a beautiful flower unfold for the first time — it’s a privilege to see and a pleasure to photograph.”


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