School Photography Packages – Parent Friendly

School photography packages at parent friendly prices

As an independent, freelance schools photographer based in Guildford I am well placed to cover all the schools throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. There is no cost to the school and I offer a donation to the school fund based on any school photography revenue generated from your booking.

Benefits for the School…

Choice of School Portrait Style

Choose a style for the photographs that best suits your taste, your uniform and your school’s culture. For example…

Traditional School Photography

  • Soft light against muslin background
  • Choice of colour to complement uniform

High Key School Photography

  • Pure white background
  • Clean, crisp, modern look
  • Ideal for younger and older pupils

Low Key School Photography

  • Black background
  • More contemplative look
  • Ideal for older pupils

Contemporary School Photography

  • Formal portrait
  • Contemporary fashion appeal
  • Choice of colour background

Contemporary School Photogrphy - Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex

Donation to School Fund

It’s not just about me. As a special thank you for booking me I offer each school a donation of 15% for the school fund. This is calculated based on all revenue generated from the school photography session made within 30 days of the proofs becoming available.

Members of Staff Free

Complimentary portrait for the school’s members of staff. Supplied as a both high-res and web-optimised JPG file.

You’re guaranteed to get me

Many of the larger school photography companies sub-contract their work to 3rd parties. This is often carried out through job adverts placed on the Internet. A simple search for photography jobs is all it takes to realise just how common this practice is. This has to raise concerns over not only the competence of the person on the day but also about child safety.

My guarantee to you is simple: if you book me, I’m the photographer you have on the day.

I don’t sub-contract my work.

Hard Copy Proofing for Child Safety

For the safety and protection of the children and the reassurance of the the school, I don’t post school photographs on the internet. Nor do I use them in my advertising and marketing literature. (The ones you see on this page are in fact my own children.)

Proofing and ordering is carried out as follows…

  1. Hard copy proofs will be delivered through the school.
  2. Parents/guardians place their print order by completing the form and returning it to me via the school within 30 days.
  3. I deliver the prints to the school to pass to the appropriate families

Benefits for the Family…

Parent Friendly Picture Packages

My picture packages are designed to meet everyone’s needs at a fair price whether you’re looking for prints or electronic files.

Picture Packs

Multiple pictures in a choice of size combinations. Each portrait photograph in the pack comes with a complimentary cardboard mount making them an ideal gift for relatives and friends. My most popular picture packs are…

  • Pack A – A4 x 1
  • Pack B – A5 x 2
  • Pack C – A5 x 1, A6 x 2
  • Pack D – A5 x 1, A6 x 1, A7 x 2
  • Pack E – A5 x 1, A7 x 4


School Photography Package - Pack B - Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire

School Photography - Pack B


School Photography Package - Pack C - Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex

School Photography - Pack C


School Photography Package - Pack D - Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex

School Photography Pack D


School Photography Package - Pack E - Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex

School Photography - Pack E

Wall Décor

Luxury, made to order framed prints and hand stretched canvases available in sizes form 15″x11″ and upwards.

Hi-Res JPG Files

  • Choice of two sizes: 12″x8″ and 9″x6″
  • Suitable for printing at 300dpi.
  • Print authorisation letter.
  • FREE web optimised version worth £15

All sizes are approximate.


Interested in improving your photography? Pop over to my blog, for hints, tips and more.

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