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Beauty Photography

Beauty Fashion Photography - Guildford, SurreyReaders of my photography bog, will know that beauty is one of my favourite genres. The images are simple, striking and engaging. Whilst conceptually being very simple it’s also a challenging genre too. The lighting has to be just so. The make-up perfect to withstand the close up scrutiny of the camera. The model has to work very hard to create the subtle expressions needed for the image. Most of all she has to bring it to life.

Beauty photography is more than just creating a pretty headshot image.

Take the images from this collection for example. There are 16 in total, four groups of 4 images. All unpublished until now. They were also the result of great teamwork. Styling, make-up, hair, jewellery, modelling. All before our fabulous model, Fran, was camera ready. In some ways I had the easy part. All I had to do was set the lights, compose and create the images.

Jewellery Fashion Photography - Guildford, Surrey

For this set I chose pure white because I wanted something light with more of a commercial appeal to the images. They could perhaps have worked equally well on a grey or black background but in this instance I opted for white.

Jewellery Fashion Photography - Guildford, SurreyAs you can see from the behind the scenes shot it was a very simple beauty lighting setup. One key light immediately above the camera with a reflector below just to lift the shadow beow the chin. The background was lit by a further two lights flagged with white reflectors at about 45deg. Why did I choose this setup? Quite frankly I wanted to create a lovely all round soft light that wrapped the subect up.

All in all it was great fun to shoot and a huge thank you to my team for the day:

Model: Francesca Turner
Styling: Joey Bevan
Make-up: Harriet Lawman
Hair: Spencer Silver
Jewellery: Hayley Kruger

Hope you enjoy the images. Feel free to use the twitter/facebook tools below to share with your friends. As always I’d love to hear your feedback so please register and leave a comment below.

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Beauty Fashion Photography - Guildford, SurreyJewellery Fashion Photography - Guildford, Surrey

Behind the Scenes Jewellery/Beauty Photography - Guildford, Surrey

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