New photography pricing structure roll out

STOP PRESS – New Photography Pricing Structure

I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some changes to my photography pricing strategy that I’ll be rolling out over the course of this week. The package based pricing that I have been using for the last few years is far too complicated and confusing for most of my clients. It’ also time for a change as far too many of my colleagues are now doing this and I want to be different. Very different.

My new photography pricing will be more flexible for the client. Rather than try to categorise people according to what I believe they will buy several months ahead I’m putting the flexibility and the power of choice back into the client’s hands.

After all, why should I insist that a bride *has* to have a wedding album with a prescribed number of pages and images? Should she not be free to decide how she wants to receive her wedding photographs? The band looking for press kit and promo images need a system that works for them. As do the actor looking for head-shots for their Spotlight profile or the business person in need of corporate images to use in brochures and marketing material.

From this week onwards, the days of the photographers’ package pricing are numbered. I’ve listened to my clients requests and I’m bringing them a much more flexible and fairer alternatice.

BUT, it’s going to be available by enquiry only.

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve been working on this for several weeks and I want to keep it as the ace up my sleeve that the other photographers in Surrey don’t necessarily have 😉


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