Gavin wins entrepreneur award

I joined the Entrepreneur’s Circle in September to help me to develop and grow the business and was taken completely by surprise the other evening when my Business Growth Advisor awarded me Entrepreneur of the Month.

I was down to my embracing the principles of the Circle and bringing my Social Media Head-shot package to market.

Gavin wins Entrepreneur Circle, Entrepreneur of the Month Award, November

Gavin - Entrepreneur fo the Month, November 2011

The package itself has proved to be very popular and it’s interesting to see other photographers have now followed my lead – when I searched for this type of service locally to me I found no other photographer within a 50 mile radius was offering this service. Now it seems there are quite a few following in my footsteps.

BTW, the image I’ve attached to this page showing me holding my certificate is a great example of shooting black on back. I frequently get called upon for white-on-white. It’s easy very to set up and do but a lot of people struggle with blown highlights in the subject. If you set the lights up properly this won’t happen.

Black-on-black is a similar principle but rather than have a shadow to provide separation, one needs a highlight as can be seen in the image on this page. For the technically minded it’s two balanced softboxes on each side of the subject with a brolly to provide fill from the front.

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