GTPCommercial™ Commercial and Advertising Photography in Surrey

Commercial Photography Gallery - Vehicles Commercial Photography - Edgeley Country Park, Guildford, Surrey

May 1 sees another change with the launch of our dedicated commercial and advertising photography service, GTPCommercial™. It’s for making photos like the ones above for websites, marketing and magazine editorial coverage.

It’s always been a ‘hidden’ service until now as the images don’t really ‘fit’ on our main site as it concentrates on photos of people. The commercial photography service has always been there in the background with most client’s coming via word of mouth. They’ve been extremely varied too from hotel chains to country parks to grabber trucks, jewellery, food and menswear. In many ways GTPCommercial™ was derived from our on-location photo-shoots and naturally complements our work here.

Gavin’s images have been published internationally, used as far afield as geography text books in Brazil, show window displays in The Netherlands, and the front covers of Hampshire Life Magazine and A+ Education Magazine.

Pop over to our photo gallery and let us know what you think.

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