Designer’s Lookbook Photography

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Lookbook Photo-shoot Features…

Specialists in new and emerging designers

Fast turnaround time

Flexible pricing – per image cost reduction for larger orders

Bespoke Lookbook Photo-shoots to match your ideas and designs

  • studio shoots
  • location shoots
  • custom set design

Extensive service range…

  • high fashion model shoots
  • commercial lookbooks
  • mannequins for smaller budgets

Image security…

  • Guaranteed not to leak prior to,official release
  • Backed up onto two separated disks
  • Storage for 12 months minimum

Fully calibrated workflow for accurate colour rendition

 Lookbook photography for new and emerging designers

Lesley de Freitas dress modelled by Kamilla

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Lookbook Prices and Information

To request more information and budgetary prices, complete the form on this page and you’ll receive my complementary ebook.

This will only be a budgetary figure, your exact cost will depend on many factors and for a more accurate figure, click here  to request a lookbook price estimate. It will ask you about the number of designs in your collection, the number of images per design, the type of lookbook you’re looking for, whether you want is shot on location, in the studio or need a custom set built, what your budget is, wether you need us to assist with castings, styling and mood boards etc.

What is a Lookbook?

In it’s simplest form a lookbook is a collection of images that showcase your collection (see Wikipedia article, here). They’re used by fashion designers as one of the primary steps to launching and marketing their new colection. In many ways the success of your launch will depend on the ability of your lookbook images to create that WOW!! factor with potential buyers.

Often shot pre-launch, image security is paramount. If your images leak onto the internet before you’re ready to launch your collection, you’ll lose the only chance you have to make a big first impression. We take this very seriously. On the day of your photo-shoot the only cameras allowed on set are the ones we’ll be using to shoot your collection. All other cameras are forbidden and my team are banned from using their phones on set. This minimises the chances of inadvertant leakages to the internet, especially to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Who needs a lookbook?

Fashion and jewellery designers with a new collection are our usual lookbook clients and we specialise in new and emerging designers, perhaps with their first collection after graduating or starting their business.

Creatives such as session stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists also need lookbooks from time to time to showcase their work.

What’s the difference between a lookbook and a portfolio?

Lookbooks and portfolios are very similar. They’re both a collection of images that show your work. Lookbooks tend to consist of a collection of related images and are made over a short period of time. Portfolios are usually built up over a much longer period and consist of a collection of images of your very best work. They may or may not be related and the images are swapped out and replaced over time.

Collections we’ve photographed…

  • Jerboa Jewellery
  • Adelle Andic
  • byZoe
  • Obscure Couture – Flesh and Bone
  • Kiki Kimanu
  • Susanah Bettencourt
  • Fantasy Dress Factory

  • Masquerade Girl
  • Katayoon London
  • Lesley de Freitas
  • Hayley Kruger Jewellery
  • FatzK Jewellery
  • Obscure Couture – Us vs Them

  • Agnes Valentine
  • Hamra Allam
  • Luna Sky
  • SEEN
  • Fabryan
  • Jane Doe