When an unexpected guest came to tea…

My local Church, St. Peter’s in Guildford ran a DIY photo advent calendar throughout December. This was my attempt.

The DIY photo advent calendar

St. Peter’s Church in Guildford ran an advent calendar project in December. It was a great idea so when my children mentioned it to me I couldn’t resist taking part.

The brief was simple enough. The Church had two statues of Mary and Joseph who would be travelling around the parish in Decembeer to stay with some of the parishioners. At each house they would have their photo taken to show what a lovely time they’d had on their journey.

I thought this was a lovely idea and the banner image above is my attempt.

How it was made

I thought it unfair to use lots of fancy lighting effects and decided to go really, really simple. This whole scene was lit by nothing more than candlelight in my dining room. The most demanding part was in fact getting my two children to sit still for the half second exposure.


Camera – Canon 5DmkII
Lens – EF 16-35 f/2.8L
Beads, crackers, mince pies as decoration for the set

Now over to you…

How may candles did I use to light the set? Once you’ve worked out your answer, add it as a comment on this post or better still use the twitter button to tweek your answer along with the URL of this page.

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