What’s your ideal wedding?

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I’ve been photographing weddings for several years now and seen a huge variety. Some brides like small, intimate affairs with just close friends and family. Some like to a very grand affair. Some weddings cost very little and some a King’s ransom. They’re all very Wedding Photography Enquiry Form - Guildford, Surreydifferent on the outside yet extremely similar on the inside.

As we go through the booking season for 2013 one thought occured to me. In all the bridal consultations I’ve conducted not one bride has ever described her ideal wedding to me. That’s probably because I’ve never asked the question. Until now that is… So,

What’s your ideal wedding?

If you could plan your ideal wedding, anything you you want, what would it be?

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Helene and Joe, Guildford

Imagine you’ve just won the lottery. You can spend as much as you like, go anywhere you like, have anything you like. You could even get married to anyone you like.

All I ask is you do one simple thing for me now: tell me what your ideal wedding would be.

It’ll only take a minute or so and you can do it by leaving a comment on this post, below, clicking “Like” on the Facebook button and leaving a comment there or email me using the form on the right.

I’d love to hear about your perfect wedding and it will help me to improve my service for future brides.

BTW, I’d especially like to hear from you if you got married in 2011 or 2012. If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

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