Top photography tip to making better pictures

The summer has at long last arrived. It’s a beautiful day today. Bright sunshine. Lovely blue sky. Not a cloud in sight.

It’s a beautiful day that is, unless you’re a photographer. All that sunshine isn’t good for a photograph. It’s too bright for the camera and it’s likely to be too bright for the subject too. They’ll screw up their eyes or put their sunglasses on. Either way you won’t be able to see their eyes properly and the picture is ruined. The eye are such a crucial part of a portrait.

There are technical reasons why sunlight is bad but I’ll leave that for my other blog,

Top tip: How to take better pictures in sunlight…

On a day like today, taking a picture in the sun is going to be difficult. It’s easy enough to go “click” but to get a result requires a little more than that. Now you could fiddle around with reflectors and flash guns but there is a simpler solution.

Move the subject into the shade.

It really is as easy as that. Have you ever wondered why wedding photographers stand people under trees? It’s because the light on the subject is much, much better when they’re standing in open shade. The shadow created by a building is also good. As are doorways and porches. Essentially, so long as the subject isn’t in direct sunlight the picture will be better.

Hope that helps and feel free to add a comment below if it works for you.

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