The biggest problem with digital photography

Don’t get me wrong, I love digital photography. Having started out with film in the last century the instant gratification one gets is a huge leap forwards.

But there is a problem. A big, big, problem

The Biggest Problem with Digital Photography…

…is that we hardly ever print anything out these days. Don’t get me wrong, having a folder of jpg files on your hard disk is very, very convenient but do we really look at the images any more?

I would argue not although I’d love to be corrected (feel free to add your opinion below). Even when one looks at the picture on their PC screen, tablet or mobile phone it’s not the same as a good quality print. For example, when I show someone my book for the first time it’s usually met with a small gasp. Why? I’m sure it’s not just because it showcases my best images. I’m certain it has something to do with the finished prints. They’re all 14″x11″ and printed by one of the best labs in the country.

In the modern era of digital photography people simply aren’t used to seeing or holding prints anymore and I feel sure that that goes a long way towards helping to exceed the wow.

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