@TeamGB #London2012 Womens’ Cycling – Sports Photography – Guildford, Surrey

I took a day off today to watch the Womens’ Cycling Road Race at the Olympics. Well why not 🙂 After all, it was passing within a few miles of home and the forecast was for a lovely sunny day.

Having scoured google maps and the leaflet I picked up from Guildford Tourist Information I loaded the kids and the camera into the car and set off, nice and early for Newlands Corner. It was a beautiful morning and with about 3 hours to kill we had a lovely walk before hitting the ice cream shop. [BTW, I’d like to give them an extra special mention and recommendation on here – my 6yo dropped his “99” and they very kindly gave him a new one at no charge].

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With the kids all hyped up and happy we set off through the woods on the other side of the road, heading for the top of the hill on Staple Lane, about where the arrow is on the map. The children were in good spirits, spotting butterflies and we were even lucky enough to see a deer wander across the path ahead of us.

The course officials and the police were fantastic. When the rain started to come down, one of them loaned us an official 2012 brolly to keep the rain off (which I did return later!). The kids occupied themselves chalking “Team GB” in the road and before long the helicopters started to appear, then the motorbikes, support vehicles and as last the riders themselves.

That was the first time I’d ever seen a cycle race. I couldn’t believe how fast they travelled up the hill. Going down the other side must have been at a phenomenal pace.

Once the course was clear we set off home and got back just in time to watch the end of the race from the last descent of Box Hill.

Big congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead on winning the Silver 🙂

My favourite image would have to be this one. Almost exactly as I pre-visualised it the night before.

London 2012 Olympics - Womens' Cycling - Photography in Surrey

Womens' Cycling Road Race - London 2012 Olympics

I had some fun making these images. I wanted something a little different to the ones I saw on Facebook from the mens race yesterday. There was nothing wrong with them. I just wanted something a little grittier.

London 2012 Olympics - Womens' Cycling Road Race - Guildford, Surrey

Womens' Cycling Road Race - London 2012 Olympics

BTW – Kudos should also go to Surrey Police for their fantastic work in support of the London 2012 Olympics. Not only at the races but also during the torch relay too.

Surrey Police at work during the London 2012 Olympics

Surrey Police at work during the London 2012 Olympics

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