Passport and Visa Applications

I was approached the other day by a lovely lady accountant who needed professional images for a visa application. The advice from the embassy was that they won’t accept photo booth pictures and recommend engaging the services of a professional photographer to make them.

Believe it or not, this was news to me. Passport and visa applications wasn’t something I’d done before and I simply wasn’t aware of the existence of this market.

Compared to what I usually photograph this was a very simple straightforward, simple job albeit very technical in terms of the requirements laid down in the guidance notes.

To give you an example, they needed a colour photo measuring 2″x2″ with a plain background, no shadows and 3-point, balanced lighting. There were also very strict guidelines about how the subject should be posed and any retouching was totally forbidden. Basically, it had to be right first time.

So that’s a new service I can offer. If you’re travelling and need a picture where you actually look healthy enough to go on a trip, give me a call or fill out the enquiry form on the right.

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