Pre-Wedding Photography at Nutfield Priory

Pre-Wedding Photography at Nutfield Priory – Redhill, Surrey

Pre-wedding Photography Nutfield Priory, Surrey

Pre-wedding Photoshoot at Nutfield Priory, Surrey

When I first visited Nutfield Priory I just knew the images I made there would be special. And I was right too. There is so much character in this Surrey wedding venue. It’s definitely somewhere that needs to be on every bride’s shortlist. Apart from being a magnificent wedding venue there is something about the place. I can’t really describe it other than it feels very calm and happy.

It’s also where Viviana and James will be married in a few days time. I had the privilege of photographing them for their pre-wedding photoshoot back in June. From memory it was the only day in June when the sun came out and it was a very bright day indeed. It worked well. Giving a huge amount of contrast beween the internal ambience and the daylight streaming in through the windows. It added up to a recipe for having fun. I love playing with light. Hopefully it shows in the accompanying photographs on this page.

Pre-wedding Photography Nutfield Priory, Surrey

Nutfield Priory Library, Surrey - Pre-wedding Photoshoot

James and Viviana were simply amazing. They’re such a wonderful couple too. Most engagement couples are very nervous at first. After all, it can’t be easy having a slightly mad wedding photographer making pictures of you. Nevertheless they quickly got over their nervousness and we made some great pictures. It was a real joy to spend a couple of hours with them and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this month.

Wedding Photographer’s Advice on Choosing a Venue

There is a lesson here for any brides planning their wedding. Make sure the venue suits the type of wedding photograph you want. Nutfield Priory is fantastic and produces some stunning images but it’s wood panelled walls make it very dark inside. That means your images will be dark and atmospheric too. That’s very romantic. However, if you want fluffy, high key, bright, white images this may not be the venue for you. My advice is always to think about the type of images you want prior to booking your wedding venue. But then I would say that. I’m a wedding photographer 🙂

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I did making them.

Pre-wedding Photography Nutfield Priory, Surrey

Pre-wedding Photography Nutfield Priory, Surrey

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