Make-up: The Secret Sauce of Photography

Is there a secret sauce that makes all the difference in photography? Yes. I really believe there is. It’s called Make-up. Not just any old make-up though. It has to be professional make-up with a product that will stand up to the fierce intensity of flash lighting.

Does make-up really make a difference?


Alana - Beauty Portrait

Yes, it does. Only if you know how to apply it though. Unfortunately most people don’t. There is a world of difference between everyday make-up and photography make-up. Some of it is due to the product. Some of it is due to the preparation. Some of it is due to the application.

Studio flash is very severe. It might only last a few thousandths of a second but it will penetrate many layers of skin, revealing freckles and blemishes that would otherwise be invisible to the eye. The camera sees everything and the flash reveals all. Between them, they take no prisoners. That’s why I use a professional make-up artist whenever possible. They must be someone who knows the right product to use and how to properly apply it to give a very natural “look” that will stand up to that ever so brief pulse of bright white light.

Having a good make-up artist on set makes all the difference to a photo-shoot. If you’re thinking of booking a shoot, indulge yourself, allow yourself to feel special and treat yourself to a little pampering.

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