Lookbook Photography – Masquerade Girl #SS15

Behind the scenes for the Masquerade Girl SS15 lookbook shoot

Behind the scenes at the recent lookbook photo-shoot we did featuring emerging desinger, Jessica Stone’s new collection: Masquerade Girl SS15. It’s an amazing collection and the latext bandage “bodycon” dresses are shape defining and very flattering.


The set – where we’d be trying to make magic happen

The idea behind this shoot was to use a distressed location to create a contrast between the garments and the location and we ended up, of all places, in a stable in the middle of nowhere. The horses loved the shoot and surprisingly enough weren’t bothered by the flash lighting at all. In fact, the reflector proved to be more of a worry to them at times so we had to be careful. After all, it is their home.

Play the video to get a behind the scenes look at our goings on and a sneak peek at some of the images we made. I’ve also put a few of them here on this page so you can get a better look.

bts-lookbook-photography-1128 bts-lookbook-photography-1148 bts-lookbook-photography-1439


Special thanks to my #teamGTP for the day:

  • Jessica Stone, designer, masquerade Girl
  • Amy Levick, our beautiful model
  • Lucy Haywood, Hairstylist
  • Hannah Sorcha, Make-up Artist


Finished Lookbook Images

lookbook-photography-10 lookbook-photography-11 lookbook-photography-14Lookbook photography - beauty shot

lookbook-photography-18 lookbook-photography-24 lookbook-photography-25

Over to you…

What do you think of bodycon bandage dresses? Love them or hate them? Would you wear one?

Leave a comment and let me know…

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