LFW AW12 SEEN Couture at A La Mode

Continuing the theme for the week, this is another gallery of images from my coverage of the A La Mode shows during London Fashion Week in February. The images are from the amazing collection by SEEN Couture. This is just a sneak peek gallery featuring some of my favourite images.

Image sales from my coverage of the A La Mode shows are available from my on-line gallery (see button above). For all other usage enquiries, please use the form below the slideshow, don’t simply take them. All my images are protected under copyright and should not be used without prior, written consent from myself.

Fashion shows are always great fun to cover. They’re very different from most other photographic work I undertake and are aguably the most challenging. Anyone can shoot a fashion show but the really crucial thing to remember is to make sure the colours are correct. The designer has probably spent a significant amount of time, money and energy in choosing the fabrics so getting the colours right is of paramount importance. All too often I see orange pictures where the photographer simply hasn’t used the correct whitebalance. It’s simple enough to fix. It takes a few seconds to set up the camera and can save valuable time in post production. If you need a fast turnaround (very often the case if you’re going to press) you need to reduce the amount of work you do in post.I usually go a step further than this too and if the opportunity presents itself will calibrate the camera to the lighting environment I’m shooting in. Again, it’s another little step in the process that is well worth doing. There is always plenty of time before the show starts to get set up. Colour calibration takes but a moment to do and saves me a huge amount of work in post, even with the benefit of Adobe Lightroom 3.

It’s my opinion and it’s part of my workflow. It may or may not work for everyone but it certainly works for me 🙂 🙂

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