LFW AW12 Kami Shade at A La Mode

American designer Kami Shade was another really exciting show during London Fashion Week back in February. These images were made down in the vaults below the Royal Socety of Arts which is a pretty cool venue for a fashion show. This is just a sneak peek gallery featuring some of my favourite images.

Image sales from my coverage of the A La Mode shows are available from my on-line gallery (see button above). For all other usage enquiries, please use the form below the slideshow, don’t simply take them. All my images are protected under copyright and should not be used without prior, written consent from myself.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that fashion shows are great fun to cover. The atmosphere is energising and there is a huge amount of excitement and anticipation for what is about to follow.The A La Mode shows during London Fashion Week in February were without a doubt the best organised and run that I’ve come across. They even had lights too. Proper lights that meant I could get a really good exposure rather than having to compromise and deal with a lot of noise later. I was in photographer heaven, albeit for such a short time.

Hope you enjoy these images. They are only a sneak peek of the full set but if you’re interested in any of them feel free to pop over to my proofing gallery. They’re all watermarked with the word PROOF so no pinching them for facebook!

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