Let me introduce you to @DustyTrixx, my #Burlesque alter ego

Dusty Trixx, my alter ego for arguably the biggest photography project I’ve run has come into being and is live and well. Follow him on twitter if you’d like to find out what’s going on as he’ll be tweeting over there from time to time. Not so much initially but certainly a lot more often as things mature. He’ll even be tweeting images live from the set when we start to shoot.

But there is a problem…

Dusty Trixx needs a bio…

… a full character development and styling too

So, who is Dusty Trixx, the burlesque photographer???

Feel free to add comments below or tweet me either @DustyTrixx or @theLightMatters with ideas and suggestions. I’ll roll the best ones up into a full character profile.

So let’s get cracking. Dusty Trixx needs a full bio and styling ideas. Dusty Trixx needs your help. Don’t be shy.

BTW, if you were wondering what the project is all about, you’ll have to wait and see. It’s a little hush hush at the moment but it’ll be starting very soon. If you want to be one of the first to find out, follow @DustyTrixx, he’ll be tweeting about it really soon.

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