How to go to the loo in a wedding dress – advice from a Guildford photographer

Bride: “I need to go to the loo!”
Bridesmaid: “Oh no, how are you going to manage it without taking your wedding dress off?”

This whispered conversation comes up at every wedding I photograph. Usually followed by worried, panicked looks. There is a simple solution though…

First and foremost, I’m the wedding photographer and I don’t follow brides into the lavatory! I picked up this little nugget of advice about 3 years ago at a wedding I was covering. It was the make-up artist’s suggestion to the bride as she was getting ready and needed to go. I’ve given it to nearly every bride I’ve photographed since then because the subject of how to go in a wedding dress always comes up. It’s usually a hastily whispered conversation between the bride and her bridesmaid, followed by worried, nervous looks in the direction of the toilet.

There is a very simple solution though. Just face the other way, as if you were riding a horse.

Many brides also use the disabled loos too because they’re much wider and accommodate a wedding dress much better. Some venues even provide separate facilities for the bride on her wedding day too. If you haven’t yet booked this could be something to ask your wedding coordinator about when you visit the venue.

Hope that little piece of advice helps. I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have any other tips for a bride on her wedding day to make it stress free and enjoyable. Leave a comment below and share with your friends.

PS – no pictures in this post for very obvious reasons!!! If you’d like to see some of my wedding photos have a look at the related posts below, after you’ve left a comment of course 😉

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