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On the 19th May, 2012 I’ll be running my Flash Photography Course at my Surrey Studio. If you’d like to learn how to make images like the ones on this page using speedlights rather than studio flash, read on.

Kerry, Strobist Beauty/Jewellery Shoot - London

Beauty/Jewellery Shoot

Strobist On Location Dance Shoot - Abandoned Church, Surrey, Urbex

On-Location – Abandoned Church

Several years ago I came across the work and techniques of Mr. David Hobby aka The Strobist. It completely blew my mind away. Some of the images he was creating with nothing more than a speedlight flashgun and a brolly were simply stunning.

The best part was that I had almost all of the equipment I needed to try it for myself so after investing in a light stand and a brolly I set out to play with light. The first few results were terrible but I persevered, learned and adapted until I started to get the results I wanted. I now use these techniques plus a few of my own as part of my everyday image capture whenever I need it.

Strobist Portrait - London

Beauty Portrait

It adds something to an image that you simply don’t get with natural light and reflectors.

It’s fast – much more so than studio lights

It’s also very, very portable – a three light studio packs away into two bags that I can easily take it on public transport or carry on a hike through the countryside.

If you’d like to find out more and learn how to create images like these, check out my course page, here: http://workshops.thelightmatters.com/events/60687642/

The Drones - Band Promo - Guildford, Surrey

Band Photography – Surrey

The beauty about this kind work lies in it’s portability. Unlike studio flash you can take it almost anywhere. But that’s is Achiles heel too: because it’s lightweight it doesn’t pack the same punch as mains powered lights. On a bright, sunny day, four little AA batteries are simply not going to overpower the sun. It’s not a deficiency, it’s a fact and it lends itselt to making a striking image by balancing flash with ambient light.

With lightweight, portable, speedlite flashes, the concept of “correct” exposure simple doesn’t exist. True an image can be too bright or too dark as with any exposure but by balancing flash with ambient you have control of the different elements of the image, exposing each differently according to what you need.

Strobist Portrait - Lingerie

Portrait – Lingerie

Strobist Band Photography

Band Photography

Sound complicated? Actually it’s not. It’s very, very simple. If you’re balancing flash with ambient you’re actually making multiple exposures each time you press the shutter button.

To find out more, visit my photographer’s blog, http://theLightMatters.com

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