Easiest way of choosing images from proofs

Choosing images from your proofs can be time consuming and difficult. Unless you have a technique to help you that is

Choosing images – the simple way

This article describes a simple technique that anyone can use to simplify the task of choosing images from their proofs. In fact, it’s based on the technique I use when sub-editing or choosing images to give to a client as proofs. It’s very quick, very effective and very easy to retrace your steps.

Choosing Images – Stage 1

First, make sure your proof images are all in the same folder on your hard disk and not mxed with any other files. If you’re working with a set of proof images that I’ve provided, the zip file will unpack into it’s own folder for you.

For the sake of this exercise, let’s call this working folder “Proofs.” It should look something like this: a folder with all your proofing images and nothing else.

Choosing Images from Proofs - Step 1

Choosing Images from Proofs – Step 1

Choosing Images – Stage 2

Create a sub-folder in your “Proofs” folder called “1-star” then go through each image in turn and every image you like move into the “1-star” folder (don’t copy them or you’ll end up in a real mess later).

When you’re done you should have something that looks like this:

Choosing Images from Proofs - Step 2

Choosing Images from Proofs – Step 2

Choosing Images – Stage 3

Repeat the process of stage 2, this time creating a “2-star” sub-folder within  your “1-star” folder. Go through each of the images in “1-star” and move the ones you really like into “2-star”. Confused? Take a look at the screenshot below.

Choosing Images - Stage 3

Choosing Images – Stage 3

As you can see, we’ve whittled away at the images, from all those we stared with to a much more manageable set and ultimately the few we want.

If your “2-star” sub-folder contains too many images, create a “3-star” folder and repeat. I defy anyone to get to a “4-star” folder, but you never know. If you do, leave me a comment below to let me know.

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